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​​What do you offer then?

 We were the first affiliate in all the Lothians and because of this we know what works and what doesn't. We offer a genuine CrossFit garage gym experience that gets results for everyone from professional athletes to newcomers to fitness. Our training is done in a down to earth, no frills environment full of friendly and helpful people!


I hate training in a group...

​The competitive nature of our training will push you harder than you would do on your own and because of the small class numbers you'll have the type of coaching and attention that would normally cost five times the price of a session. CrossFit is community driven, everyone is welcoming and friendly.


Actually, I looked at the memberships , seems pricey compared to a commercial gym.

​The low prices you see advertised in commercial gyms normally include a yearly contract that obliges you to pay for the whole year. They offer unsupervised training often with an unwelcoming, disaffected atmosphere. With the lack of a solid training plan, experience or motivation the majority soon either stop going or attend infrequently. Our open access gym membership offers supervision, guidance, peer support, motivation and self - access to the gym at anytime - we are a community! Also, it works out at just over £3.00 per session if you come 5 times a week! Still think that is expensive?


I do CrossFit at home.

  No you don't! You need a coach to constantly check your form and learn the key skills from. I have yet to meet someone who has learned to kip or do a muscle-up without coaching. Also, the WODs ( WORKOUT OF THE DAY) are meant to be done in a competitive- but supportive- group environment. You'll be amazed how much harder you'll push yourself.


​Im fit already/ go to the gym, play Rugby, do marathons etc.

​ Are you  really fit already? I'm positive there's an area you need to develop. If you play or do a competitive sport then you need to do CrossFit to balance the over use of certain elements of fitness that your sport uses or certain muscles that are over/under used. 'Fit' people are the ones who come along and try to keep up with the regulars then can't move for the rest of the week! There's a reason US Special Forces, The All Blacks, Olympians and  'normal' people do CrossFit, it's addictive fun and gets amazing results fast for those with the dedication and desire! 


Jeez, sounds really hard!

​ NOTHING worth doing is easy! Check your ego at the door for the first few sessions and go at your own pace, the temptation is always to do as well as others around you. Of course it's a competition but more so with yourself. Get the fundamentals down first then amp up the intensity. Delayed Onset Muscular soreness is the result of pushing yourself, everyone gets it but if you overdo it first time, it can take ages to feel comfortable. Surprisingly, more exercise is the answer! Stick at it, don't give up after one session. It's going to be a life changing experience - IF you keep it up AND come regularly!


I don't want to get injured!

​I place a massive emphasis on safety and always correct  poor form. You are more likely to get an injury haphazardly training on your own or going to a session with some bootcamp or another with underqualified trainers.